About This Blog

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now. At least since November of 2014. I’ve been meaning to start a blog to chronicle the life of a young woman with what I suspect to be ADHD. I figured I would create a blog to help other people cope and for “outsiders” to get a small glimpse of the mind of a person who is a bit…neurologically unbalanced. Hehe, I like that. I’m going to coin that term. I am not mentally ill, by any means. I function perfectly fine 80% of time. But, HEY, we’re all human. No one functions well 100% of the time. I’m sure we all face the same emotions I face and have some sort of “metal disability” embedded in us. Who don’t we know that we wouldn’t claim was “too ADD for this” or “too OCD to deal with this”?

I am facing a rough patch in my life as I write this, but writing this introduction has made me feel so much better. I am actually interrupting another intense post I am in the process od writing  because I am afraid I will forget these thoughts.

This introduction is very rough and I am just writing as I go. I’ll continue to update and add more as I go.

That’s just the “ADD in me”- I can never finish anything, I can’t stay focused on one subject, and I get so wrapped up in making “THE PERFECT” post I don’t know how to follow through and finish.

I think I just had an idea for another post. I will be writing another post!

Stayed tuned! I’ll try to write interesting post and some informative ones.

This post made me realize maybe I do need a supportive support group.


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