About My ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 23. I’ve known for a long time I had it, but everyone just thought I was lazy. Well, I’m not. I’m far from it. I try really hard. I just don’t try in the right places. I work really hard. When I do something, I put 110% into it. I get so obsessed with perfection that I end up stopping because I feel it will never be perfect. I just pretend I didn’t work hard because I want people to believe I’m “smart”. I never said it was logical. I’m just stating facts.I am obsessed with perfection and talent. (Although my life would say otherwise.)

I should mention that I am currently not medicated but I am strongly reconsidering. I have only been on it in the past for four or five sporadic months, which was the most efficient, reliable and productive I’ve been. Those happen to be qualities I admire greatly. Mostly because I lack them when I’m not medicated.


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