Cutting him off

I’m not sad anymore. It’s funny because my friend told me I had one day to cry about it and I told him I needed two. I just needed to be a cry baby this week and next week I’d be fine. Lol… I called it. I didn’t cry at all today or even come close. I think I am over it. I guess I really needed something this bad to finally break up for good. All this sadness is too much energy and it’s not like I feel that much emptier than I did before. It’s basically the same as when we were together except I don’t text everyday. Now when I see something that reminds my of him I just need to brush it off. And I don’t have to wait around for 5:55 anymore. Besides that everything is the same.

But I so have a minor issue. I sometimes get these burst of anger but then I’m okay again. The burst of anger is good though. For awhile I almost forget and come close the forgiving then he starts to talk to me like we’re a couple. It pisses me off. What right does someone have to fuck someone else, give me an STI, and think everything is okay. It’s not. It will never be. I just have to cut him off so I can move on. Just face everyone next week. I don’t feel like talking about it with people now. I don’t want people to feel bad for me. I don’t want to relive it or think about him. I don’t want to worry about him anymore and not feel weird about moving on.

The gym is helping me feel better fast. Now I think about it, the gym got my through my last bad break up. I was doing a lot of bad things after that last break up before I got serious about the gym. Luckily, I got serious about the gym before shit hit the fan. And at this gym I have a better support system.

And lastly,  I just don’t want to start over. What if someone else ends up wasting my time? Being single is easier though. There’s a lot of freedom.

Cutting him off

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