The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

A messy caterpillar stumbled around the branches admiring the leaves above where the cocoons of which were once her friend’s hung. She continued to wander daydreaming of how she would start building her magnificent cocoon. While in her absent state of mind, the messy caterpillar stumbled across a sturdy foundation of another caterpillars foundation.

The angry caterpillar whose hard work fell apart blurted out profanity, berating the messy (and obviously clumsy) caterpillar. His days of hard work had just been destroyed in a matter of seconds by a careless caterpillar.The angry caterpillar looked up and realized the messy caterpillar was spewing out tears. She was extremely sorry. She began to choke up because she was so sorry.They angry caterpillar began to calm down enough to calm the now erratic caterpillar.

Soon the the angry caterpillar and the messy caterpillar began dating. They were an unusual pair, but they got along well. With time the messy caterpillar became less messy and the angry caterpillar became less angry.

The angry caterpillar began rebuilding his cocoon while the messy caterpillar spent more time daydreaming than building. Every time the angry caterpillar needed to work on his cocoon the messy caterpillar wanted to play. The angry caterpillar started to get restless and tired of having a half built cocoon.

The messy caterpillar soon left the angry caterpillar to work on his cocoon and began working on her own.

One day the angry caterpillar had finished his cocoon. The messy caterpillar couldn’t hear his voice anymore. She had no one to eat leaves with or climb branches. She sulked by his cocoon. In her sadness, she sat next to cocoon waiting for him to emerge. Day and night, she sat too sad to work on her cocoon.

Then, one morning she felt a small stir from the cocoon. The stir became into a rumble. The rumble grew louder and louder.

Then out emerged a beautiful butterfly.

The messy caterpillar marveled at this new wondrous creature. Her chest filled with so much happiness she was afraid it would explode. There before her stood a transformed creature in all it’s brilliance.

And all of a sudden her heart sank.

She realized she couldn’t make him wait for her to transform. He was a butterfly now. He couldn’t stay in one place when he had the world to conquer.

So she tearfully signaled the no longer angry caterpillar to leave.

Smiling, he turned around and flew off into the distance.

So she said, “Bye bye, butterfly.”

The messy caterpillar went back to the spot where she started build her cocoon and slowly started piecing her neglected cocoon back together.

The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

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