I felt it coming for a while now…

So we broke up.

This time I think it was serious.

I should be relieved. There was a lot that I lacked for that relationship and a lot that he couldn’t understand about me.

I still miss him.

Sometimes it hurts to where my stomach churns. It becomes physical and my chest feels like it’s caving in.

I spent a year and a half invested in him.

At least it was sooner than later.

Every day will get easier. I just have to remind myself that I’ll recover.

I still miss him a lot. I wish he felt the same way.

I am grateful for everything.

Mom said that it wouldn’t work. She’s probably right.

Sadly, when I break-up I have a knack for remembering all of the bad memories.

I don’t want to remember him like that, but that’s my mechanism for coping.

Bye bye, Stupid. I loved you. When I stop loving you, there’s no turning back.

I hope that we can still be friends. I know you’re capable of it, but I’m not.

I felt it coming for a while now…

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